BioGas Plant


Drummond Enterprises were enlisted by Williams Industrial services to support the Mechanical and Electrical fit out at the Buchan BioGas Plant. Taken on-board from initial construction and remaining on the project through to commissioning and subsequent handover of the plant. We had a team of 18 Electrical and Mechanical Technicians, carrying out various tasks from cable pulling, terminating and testing on the electrical front through to pipework and pump installation along with leak testing on the mechanical side.

Following the completion of the final stages of commissioning this year, 660m3 of renewable gas (i.e. biomethane) will be produced hourly and injected into the national gas grid, the equivalent of 57,000,000 kWh annually, sufficient to meet the heat demand of 3,500 homes in the Peterhead region. This displaces fossil fuel natural gas with a sustainable alternative.

Peterhead BioGas Plant

Stairway Lighting


Our client approached us with a view to improving the lighting within a dark stairway. The stairway had no natural light so was important to give a natural light feel to the area.

We had our lighting designer model different styles of light and eventually decided on a small 40mm LED wall light that could be left on most of the time providing some back ground light. There was then 5 fire rated GU10 downlight units installed in the ceiling to provide additional lighting when required, again LED lamps to match the wall lights were installed within these units.

Stairway Lighting

Ballater Nativity Lighting


We were approached by the Ballater community council to install flood lights on the green, lighting the wooden sculpture nativity scene that had been commissioned for display throughout the festive period. Drummond Enterprises was proud to design, supply and commission a lighting system for the community supplying our time free of charge.

Vans By Ballater Green

Log Cabin – for leisure use (Summerhouse1)


Our client had a log cabin built for leisure use during the summer months with potential to convert into an office in the future. We went through all eventualities specifying a system that would allow expansion and use of higher current items in the future. This was all run in plastic conduit, supplied by an armoured cable from the house.

Summer House

I&L Burnett farm store


This was a large installation for a farm store. Our work here consisted of full design, installation and commissioning of a 3 phase installation. For this we had drawings produced to allow our client to identify exactly what they wanted this then allowed our engineers to follow a pre-determined scope of works. The installation consisted of a sub-main from existing shed, cable tray works, 3 phase circuits, 230v sockets and a 110v circuit for power tools. In addition to this there was a 50KW heater to be installed with speed and temperature control.