Stairway Lighting


Our client approached us with a view to improving the lighting within a dark stairway. The stairway had no natural light so was important to give a natural light feel to the area.

We had our lighting designer model different styles of light and eventually decided on a small 40mm LED wall light that could be left on most of the time providing some back ground light. There was then 5 fire rated GU10 downlight units installed in the ceiling to provide additional lighting when required, again LED lamps to match the wall lights were installed within these units.

Stairway Lighting

Log Cabin – for leisure use (Summerhouse1)


Our client had a log cabin built for leisure use during the summer months with potential to convert into an office in the future. We went through all eventualities specifying a system that would allow expansion and use of higher current items in the future. This was all run in plastic conduit, supplied by an armoured cable from the house.

Summer House